Sports with extremely high levels of danger

There are a multitude of different sports, some for exercise, others for challenging yourself or conquering nature. Here are 3 sports with extremely high levels of danger.

1. Speed ​​skateboarding on the volcanic slope
Slide down from the 714m high volcano still operating at a speed of 50 mph with just one skateboard is considered one of the most adventurous sports.

Sliders are equipped with a protective suit, knee protector and helmet. They can reach speeds of 80 km / h (50 mph) on their special plywood slide. Since the game of skateboarding on the volcano slope in 2005, more than 10,000 people have been fascinated by the speed and risk of the sport.

2. “Surfing” on the roof of a train
Often considered illegal sports, “surfing” on the roof of the train requires players to slide on the roof of a running train or subway. Practicing this sport has become a serious problem in South Africa when so many young people have died or been injured.

This “sport” was popular in 1980 in Germany and is known as “S-Bahn Surfing”, which was soon forgotten but in 2005, a group of people in Frankfrut, Germany re-opened the subject This extremely dangerous sport. The leader of this group called itself “The driver” and “surfing” on the roof of the famous ship Inter City Express – the fastest ship in Germany.

3. Wingsuit Fly
Wingsuit Fly sport (invented with wingsuit) was invented in the late 1990s, making the dream of flying in human wings a reality. However, playing this sport means you always face death. The location for the athletes to “concretize” the dream of flying is on mountain peaks with an average altitude of over 5,000 meters. At that time, participants began “dropping” themselves into the mountainside to “adventure” in the air and satisfy their dream of flying.

It can be affirmed that those who play this sport must have extremely good physical strength and more importantly they need to have a “steel nerve” because, if a small mistake occurs, their lives It will be difficult to guarantee.