Sport Pub Mario: A chill place for sports fans in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Sport Pub Mario is a cozy and friendly sport pub, where people gather and share a passion for sports in Croatia.

The shop has 4 screens. Many TVs display up to three different sports feeds, all sports. Sports fans can enjoy watching and sharing their favorite sports together. Whenever there are sports events, the bar supports live projection. You will not need to worry that you will miss any fun here.

In addition, great service is also a strong point of this sport pub. Reasonable price and delicious beer. Interesting point is the beautiful quiet space with good music. The toilet is also extremely clean.

Staff are very friendly and do their job well. We will never wait long for a reasonably priced beer. All drinks are in competition with other bars in the area.

A customer who has lived in Dubrovnik for 3 months has praised the Sport Pub Mario. He chose this place to be his favorite sports bar in this city. Here, he watched Croatia play a few matches in EU qualifiers. Mario has a great bartender team, who hang out very friendly and fun. Besides, customers can book in advance if desired.

The second time he came to the bar, the owner and the bar maker made him feel like a local. They talked and shared their passion for sports and life stories until 2am.

If there is a specific match you want to see you just ask and they will show it to you. Mario is very friendly and takes time to chat. Ivana is a friendly and efficient waiter, no one waits for a drink, no matter how busy. A great bar, especially if you enter your sport, with lots of seats inside and outside. They also have delicious and hot pizza. Adorable lovely owners that make you feel very welcome.