How American football pubs live with Covid-19

Atlantic Crossing is one of Seattle’s most famous football bars. This bar is reopened from Monday, 6/15. It’s smart enough to catch the Premier League schedule again after a long time frozen because of Covid-19.

The fact that Atlantic Crossing welcomes visitors is even more significant when Arsenal is one of the four teams opening the Premier League’s comeback in the pandemic. Man City – Arsenal match is the 2nd match of this period. This is significant because Atlantic Crossing has long been known as the largest gathering place for Arsenal supporters in the United States. No matter how eager Arsenal fans are to get back to Atlantic Crossing.

Both owners and guests are eager, but the requirement to ensure prevention of Covid-19 must still be on top priority. On this occasion, Atlantic Crossing only welcomed 25% of the usual guests. The staff in the bar, from the barista to the waitress, wear masks.

The tables are farther apart. Each table did not let many people sit as before. Visitors to Atlantic Crossing on this occasion, mostly bar patrons, also raised awareness of the Covid-19 prevention. Some guests even when sitting at their desks still wear masks. Each time they drank beer, they temporarily pulled down the mask.

Black Hart in Minnesota is also a bar popular with football fans in the United States. Black Hart is even more special than Atlantic Crossing. Because this is also a favorite gathering place of the LGBT community. Reopened from June 12, Black Hart temporarily serves only 50% of the usual guests.

Black Hart’s opening hours were also shortened to normal. Visitors to the bar are required to wear a mask (even when using the toilet) whenever they are not sitting at their table.

This time, visitors to the football bar on American soil stumbled quite a lot compared to normal. The atmosphere is not as crowded as it used to be. The cheering action took place in more moderation. However, many football fans in the US consider the football bar to be opened to welcome customers like a drought in the rain.

Everyone in Atlantic Crossing, Black Hart or other football bars in the United States has prepared the spirit of the fight against Covid-19 that can go on for a long time. Therefore, they told each other to be aware that even if they are excited to be relieved, they can never forget the cheer and cheer to not forget the prevention.