Buffalo Wild Wings – Sports-style Bar

Buffalo Wild Wings is a wild, rebellious and noisy restaurant so they are trying to change towards sport that is more healthier. The project was implemented earlier this year with a Minneapolis-based sports bar to conduct a company-wide introduction to a newly developed, developed design from 2011 for newly opened restaurants or soon to be remodeled.
According to Bill Ferris, Buffalo Wild Wings’ store design director, the chain of restaurants is growing rapidly, with 2013 revenues of $ 1.27 billion, opening thousands more restaurants in the North. The new design called “stadium” was applied on a chain of 13 newly opened restaurants last year. In 2014, all restaurants were expected to open, except for two restaurants that were too far away, unable to get permission from the local government to change the plan, all designed in the style of a yard motor.

Ferris also hopes that many new design details will appear in 20 – 25 owned restaurants and about 40 franchises of Buffalo Wild Wings this year. Two restaurants with rebranded Twin Cities, 1 in Oakdale, 1 in Snelling Avenue in St. Louis Paul, combining new designs, is still difficult. A restaurant designed under a more complete stadium model will be opened in late spring this year at Edina’s Southdale Mall.
Ferris also said that “It is simply a desire from our side to always try to keep the new and unique restaurant image”.

The last new design differs significantly from that of a sporty bar characterized in some groundbreaking details. Interior decoration uses lighter colors. The windows of the bars are always full of sunshine. The hearing, viewing and positioning systems of the TV screen are designed to create a moderate volume level, minimizing the impact on customer dining table conversations.

Can a space meet all requirements?

Look at the design of Buffalo Wild Wings’ horseshoe bar, with large video screens that will help us visualize stadium design more easily. In fact, this makes Buffalo Wild Wings create designs to serve different customer groups, even without sports events to attract core fans.

Ferris also added: “If there is no mistake, we still maintain sports as a mainstream marketing strategy and Buffalo Wild Wings is a top priority for capturing football fans’ energy when they attend a sports event at the stadium. We don’t build an image that looks exactly like the stadium but if you can’t go to the stadium, you’ll definitely choose Buffalo Wild Wings to feel the same “heat” and hot air. “