American team makes basketball fans get fever with Australian team

Basketball fans in Australia and around the world are unable to contain the excitement as American stars will confront Australian stars.
With the rise of current Australian national basketball stars, especially Ben Simmons, Australian audience is looking forward to the top rematch between the US basketball team and the Australian team in Melbourne next year.
Currently, the list of American teams has not been revealed. However, it will certainly continue to be an All-Star team with all the hot names at the moment like Stephen Curry, Anthony Davis, James Harden, Damian Lillard or Kevin Durant.

Meanwhile, the Australian team will certainly be indispensable name Ben Simmons. In a recent interview, the Philadelphia 76ers rookie also expressed their wish to represent Australia in the Olympics. Besides, Australian basketball fans are sure to look forward to players like Joe Ingles, Patty Mills, Aaron Baynes … who will be in the national squad.
Accordingly, the old military leader Gregg Popovich will be responsible for leading the US team this time. Meanwhile, Australia is still looking for a suitable coach.

“The coach Gregg Popovich is in charge of this team is a great thing. He always has a great vision and psychological ability,” LeBron James interviewed about the US national team.

Tickets for this friendly match will be sold in July. VIP ticket packages cost up to 4000 USD. This number is enough to show the hotness of this match.

People still think that the US team is always unrivaled in the field of basketball. However, the past few years have witnessed the remarkable progress of this sport in many countries such as Serbia, Slovenia and, of course, Australia.

Remember in the 2016 Rio Olympics finals, the Australian team competed with the All-Star in the United States and lost in the final minutes 98-88. Andrew Boguts, the Golden State Warriors’ midfielder at the time showed his scary performance in the inner round.
Aaron Baynes is currently one of the strategy cards of the Boston Celtics coach Brad Steven to face the big-man. Joe Ingles has just broken a record of 3 successful throws in a season at Utah Jazz. Meanwhile, Patty Mills is the veteran defender of the San Antonio Spurs, who is always standing next to “Coach Pop”.

It is known that this match is intended for both teams to prepare for the 2019 FIBA ​​held on August 31, 2002 in China. The decision to choose Australia for friendlies is a good signal when the US also somewhat recognizes the amazing progress of Australian basketball.